LynxGuide System Server

The LynxGuide System Server is a turn-key server with the LynxGuide software pre-loaded on a Dell server or a Hewlett Packard server, configured and tested for quick installation of the system. The standard configuration allows up to 2000 client seats and the Pro configuration allows up to 5000 client seats. Each PC client software installation of the LynxMessenger, LynxKey or LynxKeyPro is counted as a client seat. Any LynxNet appliance, such as LynxStrobe, Lynx256, LynxPA or LynxDispatcher, also counts as one client seat per device. The Standard and Pro series allow for sizing of the LynxGuide server to meet your facilities needs. LynxGuide software license allows for the server to operate on a facilities LAN covering multiple buildings and remote offices. Separate facilities require a LynxGuide server per facility.

LynxGuide Server

LynxGuide Dell PowerEdge R430 Server


Part Number LYNX-G-DR-0 LYNX-G-DR-1 LYNX-G-DR-4
Lynx Server Series Standard Pro  Enterprise
Total Lynx Clients 2000 seats   5000 seats 10000 seats
LynxKeyPro 100 seats included   200 seats included 400 seats included
Server Type Dell PowerEdge R420   Dell PowerEdge R420 Dell PowerEdge R420
Form Factor 1U - Rack Mountable   1U - Rack Mountable 1U - Rack Mountable
CPU Dual - Quad Core   Dual - Quad Core Dual - Quad Core
RAM 4GB   8GB 16GB
HDD Two 146 GB, 7.2K RPM   Three 72GB, 15K RPM Three 72GB, 15K RPM
Power Supply Dual / Redundant   Dual / Redundant Dual / Redundant
Windows OS 2012 R2 Standard Edition   2012 R2 Standard Edition 2012 R2 Standard Edition
OS Version 64-bit   64-bit 64 bit
Warranty 3 Year   3 Year 3 Year


LynxGuide Server - Software Only - 2000, 5000, or 10000 Client Seats

LYNX-SV-NOS      LynxGuide Standard Series Software     (2000 Client seats)

LYNX-PV-NOS      LynxGuide Pro Series Software             (5000 Client seats)

LYNX-AV-NOS      LynxGuide Enterprise Series Software  (10000 Client seats)

LynxGuide server software is available as a software only package for installation on a customer provided dedicated server.
For hardware or virtual requirements, see specifications Lynx Catalog, Page 13.